Most Effective Ways To Overcome Sand Clay Washer’s Problem

The wheel sand clay washer is important for washing sand for concrete. Its function is to remove impurities and dust from the materials and improve the quality and market value of the materials. The bucket sand clay washer is mainly used for roads, construction, and gravel Industry washing, grading, and impurity removal. The wheel sand clay washer has low power consumption, high cleanliness, and good sealing structure. However, some customers think that their bucket sand clay washer has low sand washing efficiency. What is the reason for this? Let’s take a look.

wheel sand washer

1. The quality of the Product

The quality of the wheel sand clay washer mainly relates to its manufacturing process. Different manufacturers have different production processes, materials, and structures. Therefore, the processing capacity and functional consumption of the wheel sand clay washer will also vary. When the quality of bucket sand washing equipment is particularly poor, it will cause uneven separation of sand and impurities, thereby reducing the quality of sand.

2. Operational Level

The technical level of the operator will affect the output of the bucket sand clay washer. The improper operation will affect the normal operation of the bucket sand clay washer, reduce production efficiency of washing sand for concrete, and thus affect cleaning efficiency. Therefore, the operators of the wheel sand washer must be trained before they work.

wheel sand washer

3. The Quality of Gravel

The purity of the sand, the mud content, and other factors will also cause the low output of the bucket sand washer. No matter which type of sand washer is used to wash the sand, the impurities in the sand should be cleaned before the sand is washed to avoid reducing the efficiency of the sand washer.

4. Daily Maintenance

The daily maintenance of the equipment also affects its production capacity and cleaning efficiency. If the daily maintenance work of the sand washer is in place, and under the operation of professional technicians, the sand washer will be able to maximize its use efficiency. At the same time, lubricating oil should be added regularly to ensure the flexibility of the bearing. Also regularly clean the sand washer to extend its service life.

The four factors that affect the efficiency of sand washing machines are introduced above for your reference.

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