What are the characteristics of the sand production line

Date: Feb. 18, 2022

Artificial sand has become the main source of sand in construction and other industries. What are the advantages and characteristics of a sand production line? Many users want to know about the sand production line. This article will introduce the characteristics of the sand-making production line.

Sand production line generally has the following characteristics

sand production line

1. The sand making production line has a high degree of automation

The whole sand-making production line adopts an intelligent control system to realize intelligent operation, which greatly saves labor and downtime.

2. Energy saving, large output, and less pollution

The sand-making production line can produce about 20-500 tons per hour, which can meet the daily production demand. At the same time, the entire production process adopts closed and dust removal devices, which have less powder pollution and meet environmental protection requirements.

3. Easy maintenance

The sand-making machine has a simple structure, stable and reliable work, and easy maintenance.

sand production line

4. The finished product has a uniform particle size, good particle shape, and reasonable gradation

The configuration of the sand-making production line basically adopts the latest type of sand-making machine. Compared with the traditional sand-making machine, it has been greatly improved in terms of finished product grain shape. Sand requirements.

5. Low operating cost and high profit

Sand and gravel production lines and sand and gravel equipment hardly require manual operation except for the start-up, shutdown, and daily maintenance of the equipment. It has high production efficiency, low operating cost, large output, and high profit.

6. Small footprint and low stone powder rate

In the design of the entire sand-making production line, the crushing equipment at all levels is reasonably matched, the space layout is rigorous, the floor area is small, and the stone powder output rate is low.

sand production line

The application of the sand-making production line in the market is relatively mature, and the overall feedback effect is good. These characteristics are also the result of continuous improvement in market demand. Therefore, if you are a friend who wants to engage in the production of machine-made sand, there is no need to worry too much about the equipment of the sand-making production line.

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