The reason for the failure of the sand making machine

Date: Feb. 18, 2022

If your sand-making machine has a failure like 7, don’t worry, first find the reason from the following!

sand making machine

1. The material in the crushing cavity is blocked

The blockage of the material will also cause the sudden stop of the equipment. At this time, the material should be cleaned up. In subsequent use, materials with large particle sizes or high water content are prohibited from entering the machine, and the feeding should be kept uniform to avoid excessive feeding.

2. The V-belt is too loose

Check if it is a V-belt problem. If it is too loose and causes downtime, adjust the tightness of the V-belt. If the V-belt loses its tightness due to long-term use, it is necessary to replace the V-belt.

3. The working voltage is not suitable

When the working voltage of the production site is too low, it is not enough to maintain the normal operation of the sand-making machine and shut down. At this point, it is necessary to select a voltage that meets the requirements of the device.

sand making machine

4. Internal parts fall off

If there is a metal collision sound before the equipment is shut down, it may be that there are parts in the crushing chamber that fall off and the sand-making machine suddenly stops. At this time, an internal inspection of the equipment should be carried out.

5. The impeller is stuck

When hard objects such as metal enter the crusher, the impeller of the sand-making machine may be stuck, causing the equipment to fail to work. Therefore, it is necessary to strictly control the hardness of the material, and prohibit the entry of unbreakable objects.

6. The bearing is locked or the spindle is broken

If it is caused by the fracture of the spindle, it is necessary to repair or replace the worn spindle. If it is caused by the locking of the bearing, it is necessary to find out the cause of the locking, install the bearing correctly, ensure that the bearing has a certain working clearance, and do a good job of lubricating the bearing, otherwise the problem cannot be fundamentally solved.

sand making machine

7. There is a problem with the device connection line

If the connecting line is broken or the contact is poor, the sand-making machine will also suddenly stop, especially when there is no sound without warning, the connecting line likely has a problem.

The above 7 reasons are the common situation that the sand-making machine suddenly stops. Next time you encounter it, you might as well check these aspects first to avoid unnecessary cost waste.

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