How to choose sand making equipment correctly

Date: Feb. 25, 2022

Sand-making machines are usually used for fine crushing and sand-making operations of ore materials. Due to the different product benefits and crushing production requirements of different types and specifications of sand-making machines, it is very important to choose the correct model of sand-making machines. Based on this, the following will briefly introduce the model and working principle of the sand-making machine.

sand making equipment

The working principle of sand making machine

The sand making machine applies advanced selective crushing and cleavage crushing principles (two working principles of “stone-on-stone” and “stone-on-iron”) to directly apply sufficient kinetic energy to the material, and convert the kinetic energy into the crushing energy required to overcome the material through impact. . The material basically breaks along its natural texture surface and cleavage surface, with good grain shape and low self-consumption.

sand making equipment

Common equipment of sand making machine

1. Fixed sand making machine

The sand-making machine can be used alone for short-distance sand production, and can also be used in conjunction with other sand production equipment, such as jaw crusher, cone crusher, conveyor, feeder, etc., to form a complete sand production line. The finished machine-made sand is mostly cubic, with uniform particle size and reasonable gradation, which can fully meet the national construction sand standards, so it is very popular in the current construction sand industry.

2. Mobile sand making machine

Compared with the fixed sand-making machine, the mobile sand-making machine is more like a small sand-making production line. It is highly mobile, which can save the user a lot of costs in transporting materials off-site. Therefore, in the future sand-making market, mobile sand-making machines will have a good development.

sand making equipment

How to choose the model of the sand-making machine?

1. Buy according to the size of the finished product

Different models of sand-making machines have different discharge particle sizes, and it is necessary to select the appropriate model according to the required discharge particle size. In addition, when using the sand-making machine, we also need to pay attention that if the hardness or particle size of the material is too large, the ideal discharge particle size cannot be achieved, so we must strictly follow the regulations.

2. Purchase according to production

Different types of sand-making machines have different hourly outputs, so it is necessary to choose the appropriate sand-making machine equipment according to the actual output. For fixed sand-making equipment, if it is used on the production line, pay attention to the cooperation with other equipment models when selecting the model of the sand-making machine, to make it play a better production effect.

3. Purchase according to the environment of the sand making site

Generally speaking, when the production site is relatively large and the materials are relatively stacked, we can consider choosing fixed sand-making equipment under some large models, and small sand-making equipment when the site is small. In addition, when the materials are not too accumulated, that is, the materials are scattered and need to be relocated, you can consider purchasing mobile sand-making equipment.

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