How to judge which are inferior machine-made sand

Date: Feb. 11, 2022

Inferior machine-made sand has a significant impact on infrastructure safety, which we, as industry leaders, should try to avoid. So how to judge which are inferior machine-made sand?

There are four main types of inferior machine-made sand

1. Weathered machine-made sand

We may often come across the production of manufactured sand from weathered rock. Although this type of sand can be used normally, it is not suitable for construction sand. Weathered sand generally refers to the natural crushing under natural conditions such as solar radiation, atmosphere, water, and organisms. This kind of weathered sand is relatively poor in firmness, requires a large amount of water, and has poor adhesion, so it is not suitable for the production of concrete.

machine-made sand

2. Clay mineral machine-made sand

Clay minerals mainly refer to some silicate minerals mainly containing aluminum and magnesium. The manufactured sand produced from this mineral is generally a layered structure with water absorption and ion exchange properties.

machine-made sand

3 Minerals containing harmful impurities

We judge the quality of machine-made sand mainly from the perspective of whether it is suitable for concrete production and use. If the minerals used to process manufactured sand contain ingredients such as organic matter, shale, gypsum, coal, mica, etc. that affect the strength and durability of concrete, it is not suitable for the production of manufactured sand.

4 Minerals with high mud content

Some minerals will cover a thicker soil layer during the production process, and the rock will not be a whole piece. Such ores are suitable for water stabilization. Even if wet sand is used, the soil content in it will still exceed the standard. A large amount of soil will greatly reduce the workability of concrete and affect the strength of concrete.

machine-made sand

These four types of minerals are not suitable for the production of machine-made sand, or these four types of machine-made sand belong to inferior machine-made sand. We should pay extra attention to this in the use or production process. Although it is difficult to find good stones, we cannot take them lightly.

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