How to improve the working efficiency of the frame filter press

Date: Sep. 18, 2021

The frame filter press is an important water treatment equipment, which is widely used in Europe and American. How to improve the working efficiency of the plate and frame filter press is a problem that many users care about. Today this article summarizes several ways to improve efficiency for everyone.

frame filter press

1. The feed size affects work efficiency

Some sand washing plants or coal preparation plants use centrifuges or other equipment to work in conjunction with filter presses to achieve a closed-circuit process of material recovery and screening. When the screening and washing system is rough, part of the underflow of the thickener can be rationally divided into the centrifuge to recover the coarse material, and the centrifuged liquid is returned to the filter press for feeding, which can improve the particle size composition of the filter press. , And can improve the working condition of the filter press.

frame filter press

2. Feeding concentration affects work efficiency

Theoretically, the higher the feed concentration of the filter press, the shorter the filter press cycle, which can maintain a larger processing capacity. This can achieve the ideal filter cake moisture and lower solids content in the filtrate. Too high underflow concentration will cause hidden dangers to the normal and safe operation of the thickener. Therefore, Longding Environmental Technology recommends here: the feed concentration of the filter press should be maintained at 400-600g/L so that it can not only ensure the feed concentration required by the filter press but also ensure the thickener (high-efficiency deep cone thickener) Normal operation.

frame filter press

3. Feeding pressure affects work efficiency

The main driving force of the filter press is the feed pressure during the filter press process. The higher the feed pressure, the faster the filter press speed. Too high feed pressure is likely to cause equipment wear, so the plate and frame filter press should maintain a low pressure and a large flow during the feed stage and the initial stage of the filter press. The pressure in the feeding stage should be controlled at 0.11-0.12MPa. Otherwise, it will cause the filter press to run out, which will affect the subsequent filter press, cake formation, and unloading. After running for a certain period, the pressure value in the filter press stage can be controlled at 0.149-0.159MPa, but not greater than 0.18MPa, to avoid excessive pressure to damage the filter plate, frame of the filter press and useless to the feed pump of wear.

frame filter press

4. Inspection and daily maintenance during operation

The crimping part of the filter plate near the filter cloth of the plate and frame filter press should be flat. If wrinkles appear, the filter plate will be damaged by filter cloth or mud leakage. To prevent the damage of the filter cloth from causing mud leakage, attention should be paid to no foreign matter or large sludge particles between the filter cloth and the filter plate when installing the equipment.

frame filter press

In addition to the above details, the technical engineers of LZZG remind you that you should also pay attention to the following points.

(1) Check the firmness of the joints and all parts before starting the machine. Conduct insulation and reliability tests on electronic control systems regularly. In the event of inaccurate and insensitive actions caused by electrical components, stop the machine in time and inform the engineer to repair or replace it as soon as possible.

(2) Regularly inspect the pull plate, sprocket, chain, bearing, piston rod, and other components to keep the mating components clean, stable and functional.

(3) Check the sealing of the hydraulic system and hydraulic components and interfaces. If the plate and frame filter press is not used for a long time, the filter plate of the filter press should be cleaned and the filter cloth should be washed and dried to expose the piston rod, and the integrated block should be coated with butter.

Check the components are normal before use of the filter press. Clean and maintain the machine in time after use. The working efficiency of your filter press will be improved and improved. If you have any questions about the filter press, you can contact our online customer service for consultation.

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