Failure And Analysis Of Sand Washing Machine

Date: Sep. 18, 2021

In the production of machine-made sand, the sand washed by the sand washing machine is cleaner and has better quality. Therefore, the sand washing machine has gradually become an important equipment in the artificial sand production line. During the use of the sand washer, there will be some faults. This article shares the faults and solutions that users may encounter during the use of the sand washer.

Sand Washing Machine

Question 1: The sand is not clean

Solution: When washing sand, first let go of the flushing pipe and then feed the material to wash the sand. The amount of water delivered should be moderate to keep the cleaning and clean and prevent the sand from overflowing along with the slot. When adding the material, it should be uniform, and not too fast, as this will affect the quality of the sand.

Question 2: The amount of sand washing is reduced or the sand is leaked

Cause of failure: the sand net is damaged or the sand net fixing bolts fall off.

Solution: Check and repair or replace the sand net and fix the bolts.

Sand Washing Machine

Question 3: Bearing temperature is too high

Cause of failure: dirty grease or improper amount of grease.

Solution: Replace the grease, the amount of grease must be moderate, not too much or too little.

Question 4: The phenomenon of turning over during sand washing

Cause of failure: the speed of the spiral sand washer is too high or the horizontal axis of the screw disc is not fixed well.

Solution: Adjust the speed. If the speed is adjusted in place and there is still a phenomenon of turning over, fix the horizontal axis.

Sand Washing Machine

Question 5: The discharge port is blocked

Cause of failure: This is the most likely problem in the operation of the sand washer. Most of the reasons are due to the granularity of the sand in the slurry of the sand washer is too fine, and the single feeding amount is suddenly increased, resulting in discharging. Mouth siltation of materials.

Solution: First stop feeding, open all discharge ports to avoid siltation, and clean the sand washer with clean water before proceeding.

Question 6: Machine out of action

Cause of failure: insufficient voltage or the belt is slipping. The reducer is faulty or the motor is damaged.

Solution: Change the voltage supply or tighten the belt strip. Check the reducer or replace the motor and run.

Question 7: Bearings are easily damaged

Cause of the failure: oil cut or damage to the sealing ring. Long-term lack of maintenance and cleaning.

Solution: Refuel or replace the sealing ring as required. Clean regularly.

Sand Washing Machine

LZZG after-sales department reminds you

Regular maintenance can reduce the failure rate of the sand washing machine, ensure the operation of the equipment, and extend the service life.

1. The bearing is the most easily damaged component. Because it wears a lot during use, it needs regular maintenance and regular oiling to increase the bearing life.

2. Generally check once every two months of work, and replace it immediately when it is severely worn.

3. In daily use, pay attention to whether the machine is noisy; observe the operation and working conditions of the screw shaft, V-belt, sealing device, water pipe, and other components at any time; check whether the motor and reduction box is overheated and whether the bolts of each part are tight and many more.

4. Seasonal maintenance of sand washing equipment is also important, mainly to replace engine oil, fuel, antifreeze, and increase refrigeration facilities.

Sand Washing Machine

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