How To Maintain Of Linear Vibrating Screen

Date: Sep. 10, 2021

Many customers are directly put into production after receiving the vibrating screen product without checking the performance of the equipment. After a period of time, problems of this kind and that kind will appear. This article will introduce you to the maintenance and maintenance of the vibrating screen.

 Linear Vibrating Screen

Daily maintenance of vibrating screen

(1) Before starting the equipment, the lubrication of the bearings and the tension of the screen must be checked. Because the screen is too loose, local deflection and bulging will occur, which will cause premature damage to the screen and reduce the screening quality.

(2) Before starting and during operation, you must pay attention to the degree of tension of the transmission belt, which will cause the productivity of the vibrating screen to drop, and even cause the screen to be completely blocked.

(3) All bolt connections of the sieve machine and the transmission device should be checked carefully.

(4) The rolling bearing of the adjustable linear vibrating screen is lubricated with molybdenum disulfide or yellow glycerin, and 25% of engine oil should be added in winter.

 Linear Vibrating Screen

(5) The allowable temperature rise of the adjustable linear vibrating screen bearing shall not exceed 75℃, which will affect the bearing. Incorrect selection of lubricating oil, improper oil quantity, or dust in the bearing, or improper installation may also affect it. Therefore, in the course of operation, should strengthen the maintenance work of the bearing.

(6) Adjustable linear vibrating screen is a kind of equipment with a large amount of dust. To improve working conditions and ensure the health of workers, the screen machine should be equipped with a sealed outer cover and a dust removal device.

(7) The sieve machine should be started under no-load conditions, and the feeding equipment can only be started when the number of revolutions of the driveshaft reaches the specified value.

 Linear Vibrating Screen

(8) Frequently check the noise and the running condition of materials on the sieve surface, especially remove the iron wire, iron rod, wood, and other debris in time. Check the lubricating oil leakage and bearing temperature of the vibrator and the temperature of the sieve and the sieve box when shutting down each shift. If the firmware is loose, report any abnormalities in time.

(9) Pay attention to abnormal sounds during daily startup. When the spring is damaged, the bolt is loose, the bearing is damaged, and the screen is not pulled tight enough, the noise will occur, and the reason must be found to eliminate the abnormal noise.

(10) After use: the vibrating screen should be cleaned up immediately after each use.

 Linear Vibrating Screen

The above is some of the work that the vibrating screen manufacturer does on the vibrating screen daily, but don’t forget the weekly and monthly inspections of the vibrating screen. If you have other questions, you can contact LZZG. Welcome to consult.

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