How To Order A Suitable Sand Washing Machine

Date: Sep. 08, 2021

What knowledge do I need to know about sand washing machines when ordering sand washing machines? Many new entrants are not sure. But for old customers, it is not difficult, what should be paid attention to during the purchase process? This article analyzes it for you.

sand washing machine

1. Definition of sand washing machine

Sand washing machines can be divided into two types from the perspective of use. One is the sand washing system: this is a sand washing machine in a broad sense, with a wide range of applications, used in on-site mixing plants and various key projects. Another sand washing machine equipped with a sand machine has limitations in actual use. Generally speaking, the sand washing machine is not only used for washing sand but also widely used for washing impurities. For example, the sand in the sandstone and weathered sand is called “washed sand”.

sand washing machine

2. Classification of sand washing machines

The sand washing machine has a screw and wheel bucket sand washing machine, the function is to remove the impurities in the stone and improve the purity of the product. Some sand washing machines have high cleanliness and large output, but the loss of sand and gravel is serious. The materials cleaned by LZZG’s bucket sand washing machine meet the requirements of artificial sand and gravel, and are mainly used for the washing, grading, and dewatering of construction sites, sand and gravel plants, concrete precast plants of hydropower stations, glass plants, and pressure sand for backfilling oil wells.

sand washing machine

3. Working environment of sand washing machine

1) It is necessary to formulate a reasonable storage area for finished materials and raw ore, and determine the location of the sand washing machine during the sand washing production process to avoid damage to the finished product due to environmental or climatic factors during the storage process.

2) Arrange the water supply and power supply lines reasonably to ensure the safety of water and electricity.

3) Reasonably arrange water sedimentation tanks and return pipes during storage, transportation, and maintenance to ensure the cleanliness of the equipment.

sand washing machine

4. Sand washing machine operation

When starting the sand washing machine, feed production should be carried out under the premise of ensuring that all machines can operate normally. To ensure that the equipment works normally, it is necessary to check the parts from start to finish by the instructions of different sand washing machines. As the sand washing machine runs for a long time, some parts will be worn and corroded, causing the gap between the cover plates to increase, thereby reducing the suction volume. Therefore, we need to maintain or replace the corresponding parts regularly, and if abnormal situations occur during production and operation, we must deal with them promptly to avoid greater problems and losses.

sand washing machine

Only by knowing yourself and the enemy can you win all battles, especially when buying sand washing equipment. Choose a sand washer with matching performance according to the nature of the material, analyze it in detail based on your own situation, and then go to the sand washer manufacturer for inspection before buying. So as not to cause unnecessary losses. LZZG welcomes you to inspect, visit, and choose the machine you are satisfied with.

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