3 Things Of Filter Press That May Change Your Perspective

Date: Sep. 26, 2020

The filter press has the advantages of high filtration driving force, high solid content of the filter cake, clear filtrate, high solid recovery rate, and low consumption of conditioning drugs. It is commonly used in the sludge dewatering process, but the filter press is easy to run slowly in use. This article will discuss the reasons for the slow running of the filter press and the corresponding solutions.

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1. Hydraulic System Fatigue

Hydraulic system, which provides power for the complete operation of the equipment, including the extrusion of the filter plate, the pullback of the push plate, the operation of the pull plate car. These are realized by the continuous provision of a controlling power by the hydraulic system of the equipment, which is frequently used, resulting in fatigue of the hydraulic system.


When the hydraulic system is in elevated temperature for a long time, we need to inject more hydraulic oil or replace the new hydraulic oil to reduce the temperature of the hydraulic box to ensure that the temperature of the entire system is in temperature state. When the hydraulic oil temperature returns to normal, the sealing ring temperature of the piston in the hydraulic pressure returns to normal, and its sealing function can run normally to prevent the piston from fatigue due to the strong oil.

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2. Too Much Grease and Stains on the Guide Rod

Oil stains and stains on the guide rod are too much, which the friction between the guide and the contact part too large, and the oil line of the cylinder of the hydraulic press is abnormal. When the filter press has similar problems during use, it is necessary to clean the guide rod in time and apply butter to assure its lubricity. It is very important to note that it is strictly forbidden to apply thin oil on the guide rod because the lean oil is easy to drop.


In the industry, the filter press should be maintained frequently to check whether the oil path is squeezed or blocked so that the oil patch is unblocked so that work efficiency can be better improved.

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3. Cable Line Fatigue

When it is found that the circuit temperature is too high, it means that the filter press equipment is operating under an overload condition, and the workload or pressure range of the equipment is far beyond the equipment’s bearing range, so the engine that converts electrical energy into power requires a larger circuit, The natural circuit will overheat.


For this, we just have to stop the device and check what caused the device to be overloaded.

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