Why is the screen of the vibrating screen often damaged

Date: Aug. 28, 2021

Many customers experience rapid wear of the screen during the use of the vibrating screen, resulting in frequent damage to the screen and the need to replace it with a new one, which increases production costs. The following editor will introduce to you why the vibrating screen is often damaged? Avoid this kind of thing from happening again.

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Reason 1: The screen mesh and the screen frame do not fit tightly

After the vibrating screen is used for screening for a period of time, the material and the screen surface will be in contact for a long time, which will cause the screen and the screen frame to be disconnected, which will cause the screen to become loose and cause the screen to be damaged after long-term use.

Solution: The screen needs to be inspected and maintained regularly to ensure that the screen is not loose. If you find any looseness, you need to tighten the screen manually.

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Reason 2: the quality of the screen material is poor

The screen used on the vibrating screen is generally made of stainless steel 304, carbon steel, and polyurethane. 304 stainless steel is longer and more durable than carbon steel. Polyurethane is the most durable of all screens but the cost is relatively high. If you choose If the quality of the screen is not good, it is easy to cause damage to the screen after a period of use.

Solution: It is necessary to purchase a screen produced by a regular manufacturer to ensure that the purchased screen is suitable for material screening and has high quality and long life.

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Reason 3: blocking material accumulation leads to screen load screening

When the vibrating screen is sieving, if too much material is added at one time, the material will accumulate on the screen surface, which will increase the load of the screen, causing the screen to collapse, or the specific adsorption and viscosity of the material being screened will stick to the screen and cause the screen. Clogging causes the screen to break.

Solution: The vibration amplitude of the vibrating screen can be increased or a funnel-shaped feed hopper can be installed at the feed port to feed uniformly.

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Reason 4: The screen surface is not cleaned after the screen is completed

The vibrating screen did not clean the inside of the screen body and the screen surface of the screen in time after the completion of the screening of the material. For a long time, it will cause the screen surface and the screen body to hide fine particles, and friction between the screen and the screen frame will cause the screen. damage.

Solution: After each screening is completed, it is necessary to clean the inside of the screen body and the screen surface of the screen in time to ensure the normal use of the next screening.

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The above is the introduction of why the vibrating screen is often damaged. I hope that you can solve your problem through this article. If you have other questions or doubts, you can consult our manual customer service, and we will help you solve them.

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