Which sand-making machine is better for the Fenghua stone sand-making machine

Date: Jun. 25, 2022

Weathered stone, also known as tortoise stone, is formed by the aggregation of various crushed stones. Recently, many users have asked whether the sand made of weathered stone can be used as construction sand, and which sand-making machine is better to use for weathering stone? The following will give you a detailed introduction. Can regolith be crushed into sand?

Fenghua stone sand-making machine

Weathered stone can be used to make sand. The finished machine-made sand produced by weathered stone has sharp and angular particle size and can be used for road paving. Due to the lack of river sand resources, investment in weathered stone to process machine-made sand is also more popular in the sand and gravel industry. investment, how about the quality of sand made with weathered stone?

1. The sand particles made of weathered stone have a better shape.

2. The sand made of weathered stone has a reasonable gradation, and the fineness modulus can be adjusted.

3. All indicators of the sand made of weathered stone meet the requirements of national standards, and it is a high-quality concrete aggregate.

Fenghua stone sand-making machine

Which sand-making machine is better for weathered stone sand making?

There are many types of sand-making machines on the market, and the strength of the weathered stone is large, so it is better to choose an impact sand-making machine. The impact sand-making machine has high production efficiency, and the manufactured sand produced is mostly cubic, with reasonable gradation, which can meet the high standards of national construction sand.

1. Suitable for the diversity of material sources

The impact sand-making machine is less affected by the material. In addition to the processing of weathered stone, it can also process rocks such as granite, limestone, sandstone, basalt, river pebbles, and pebbles, which are not restricted by the raw materials of machine-made sand.

2. Uniform particle size and adjustable particle shape

When the sand-making machine processes the weathered stone, the sand-making and shaping are carried out simultaneously, and the obtained machine-made sand has a more uniform particle size and a more beautiful particle shape.

3. Combined throwing head design to reduce costs

The impact sand-making machine adopts a combined throwing head design, only the worn parts need to be replaced during use, which can reduce the use cost by 30%.

4. Long service life and little dust pollution

The impact sand-making machine adopts the advanced technology at home and abroad, and has high stability during production and operation, effectively reducing the friction between the material and the wear-resistant parts, and prolonging the service life of the sand-making machine. The vortex chamber adopts the air flow self-circulation device, which can reduce the external exhaust air volume, reduce dust pollution and improve the sand-making efficiency.
The above has introduced the relevant knowledge of weathered stone sand making. After the weathered stone is processed by sand-making equipment, high-quality machine-made sand can be produced for use in the field of construction sand.

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