What is the prospect of a stone sand-making machine

Date: Jun. 25, 2022

In recent years, the price of sand and gravel has continued to rise, and many friends who have invested in the sand and gravel industry have achieved good returns. So what is the prospect of investing in stone sand-making machines? What is the investment cost of a set of sand-making equipment?

stone sand-making machine

What is the prospect of investing in stone sand-making machines?

1. A wide range of raw materials for stone processing

The stone sand making machine is also known as the sand-making machine. In addition to ordinary rocks, the raw materials that the stone sand-making machine can process can also be processed to produce qualified materials such as river pebbles, cobblestones, granite, iron ore, tailings, and construction waste. Therefore, the source of raw materials for sand-making machines is extensive.

2. The finished machine-made sand is excellent

At present, the HVI sand-making machine, VSI sand making machine, and mobile sand-making machine on the market all have the sand crushing function. In addition to crushing the stone, it also has a modification function. The size, particle shape, and grade of the finished machine-made sand are all It can be adjusted manually, which is comparable to river sand.

3. The stone sand-making machine meets the environmental protection standards and green production

The stone sand-making machine is highly environmentally friendly. The inlet and outlet are equipped with sealed dust collectors, effectively reducing dust pollution. It is located in a sealed interior, and it is also equipped with a covering device and spray treatment during the production process, which can realize green and environmentally friendly production.

stone sand-making machine

What machines are included in the sand-making equipment?

A complete set of sand-making equipment mainly includes a vibrating feeder, crusher, vibrating screen, sand making machine, sand washing machine, belt conveyor, and other equipment. The production model of machine-made sand, can be divided into mobile sand-making production and The key to stationary sand making and machine-made sand production lies in the selection of equipment, so it is necessary to choose suitable sand-making equipment.

stone sand-making machine

How much does a set of sand-making equipment cost?

The cost price of a complete set of sand-making equipment mainly refers to the output of the sand-making equipment. The larger the output, the higher the price of the sand-making equipment. The types of sand-making equipment are different, and the production process, production of raw materials, time-consuming, and energy costs are different. Therefore, the specific price needs to be determined according to the processing materials and output of machine-made sand.

The above introduces the investment prospects of stone sand-making machines and the price of sand-making equipment. Investing in sand-making equipment is the key to setting up a sand and gravel factory. Users must pay attention to the quality of the equipment and after-sales guarantee when choosing to ensure that they choose the right one. sand making equipment.

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