What is the difference between Quartz and Granite

Date: Mar. 10, 2022

The main difference between quartz stone and granite is their different prices, different production processes, and different degrees of practicality and aesthetics. The binder of granite is an unsaturated polyester resin, which is made by adding other inorganic substances and through casting and other processes. Quartz is mainly made of quartz sand and heated in a kiln.

Quartz and Granite

What is the difference between artificial granite and quartz stone?

First of all, to understand the concept of artificial stone. Artificial stone is a mineral board made of natural ore powder, resin, and other materials. During the processing, various processes such as vacuum casting and molding are inevitably used. Artificial granite and quartz stone are made by this method.

Secondly, a simple and common name for granite is synthetic stone, so it is the most common type of synthetic stone seen on the market. On the outside, they look a lot like artificial quartz, but they’re not. They are filled with stone powder and cheap marble scraps, so the overall cost is not high.

Finally, the main component of quartz stone is quartz, with a proportion of more than 90%, and it has also been washed with miscellaneous acids during manufacture, which can remove most of the toxic and harmful substances. Quartz stone is very decorative, and the interior decorated with it has an elegant feeling.

Quartz and Granite

In addition, the two sides have the following differences:

1. Quartz stone is denser than granite, so you can weigh the weight of the material sample when you choose it. Generally speaking, a good quartz stone feels heavier. A 10cm*10cm material sample is about It weighs about 1 pound.

2. On the edge of the sample, scrape it horizontally with an ordinary blade. After scraping several times, the quartz stone will not have powder or fragments falling off, while the granite will drop some powder. Remember to scrape it a few more times, because, During the cutting process of quartz stone, some powder will also be left on the edge.

3. Smoothness, under the condition of natural light irradiation, the quartz stone surface presents a very clear mirror surface, while the granite is also a mirror surface after polishing, but the color is slightly turbid.

4. Look at the label. Generally speaking, there is no formal manufacturer or trademark for granite, white quartz stone, generally speaking, has a formal manufacturer with a warranty certificate and a quality inquiry phone number. Some quartz stones will have trademarks on the back. Stamp.

5. Quartz stone cannot do complex shapes because of its high hardness, while granite does not have these restrictions.

6. According to our understanding, granite can only be used to pretend to be light-colored quartz stone at present, and bright-colored granite cannot be used.

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