The production cost of basalt sand making machine

Date: Mar. 10, 2022

Basalt has high hardness and toughness, and its application is larger than that of granite, which is hard and brittle. Basalt sand making machine is the main equipment in basalt processing equipment, the sand making machine equipment is responsible for the forming and crushing of basalt in granular form. For investors, the production cost of basalt sand-making machines is a more concerning issue. This article will analyze the production cost of basalt sand-making machines from three aspects.

basalt sand making machine

1. The quality of sand making machine equipment from basalt

The basalt sand-making machine equipment required for the production of artificial sand requires certain quality assurance. The working principle of the sand-making machine is that the material is impacted and crushed by the machine.

Basalt has high hardness, and its collision with the machine will cause the machine to wear out quickly, and even damage to the machine is inevitable. Replacing the wear-resistant parts of the machine, damaging and maintaining the machine, and some daily expenses are not small. expenditure. Therefore, the quality of the basalt sand-making machine equipment will affect the production cost.

basalt sand making machine

2. The cost of basalt sand production line

Basalt processing requires not only a sand-making machine but also a complete production line. The production line includes multiple crushers, sand-making machines, sand washing machines, belt conveyors, vibrating feeders, vibrating screens, and other equipment.

Judging from the price of this equipment, the cost of producing artificial sand in the basalt sand production line is very high. Generally speaking, for users who are just starting to produce machine-made sand, the design of the production line will take a while to recover the cost.

basalt sand making machine

3. Economic profit of machine-made sand production

The cost of basalt sand-making machines is very high, but the sand-making machines and output advantages of sand production lines that work more than 10 hours a day cannot be ignored. Although the initial cost of users is relatively large, these costs are gradually recovered.

Especially for some users who have been engaged in sand making for a long time, the cost of the production line can be recovered quickly, and the daily net income after recovering the cost is the net profit. In addition, machine-made sand has a large market, which is the guarantee for users to obtain profits.

basalt sand making machine

To sum up, the production cost of basalt sand making machine is relatively high in the short term, but in the long-term production and operation, it is necessary to comprehensively evaluate its benefits and the time to recover the cost. Only rational investment in basalt sand-making machines can achieve high returns.

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