What are the advantages of the new sand washing machine equipment

Date: Mar. 04, 2022

When the market competition in the sand and gravel industry is in full swing, how to make your own sand stand out? In addition to purchasing good quality sand-making machine, you also need good sand washing machine equipment. How to choose good sand washing machine equipment? This article will analyze it for you.

sand washing machine equipment

1. How many tons of sand can the new sand washing machine wash a day?

The function of the new sand washing machine is to remove the dust and impurities covered on the surface of the sand and gravel and at the same time destroy the water vapor layer wrapped in the sand grains, which is conducive to dehydration and plays the role of sand washing and cleaning.

At present, the output of common sand washing machines on the market is between 15 and 200 tons. According to the sand and gravel factory working 8-10 hours a day, the daily output of a single sand washing machine can reach between 120 and 2000 tons, which can basically meet the sand washing production requirements of most users. Of course, these data are also estimates, which also depend on the quality of the stone powder content and mud content of the manufactured sand itself.

sand washing machine equipment

2. What are the advantages and characteristics of the new sand washing machine equipment?

1) Water resources can be recycled, saving water, environmental protection, and energy saving

In the cleaning process of machine-made sand, a large amount of water is used. But for the sand washing machine, the water used for washing the sand can be reused. 3~4 sedimentation tanks can be designed near the sand washing machine, and the water used for sand washing is discharged to the sedimentation tank. After several hours of sedimentation, the clear water in the upper layer can be used for sand washing operation again. This not only saves water resources but also reduces the discharge of sewage, which is environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

2) Less loss of fine sand, high yield, and less polluting sediment

The wheel-bucket sand washer and the three-in-one sand washer have a lower loss rate of fine sand during the sand washing process. Because these two types of equipment use a closed transmission device, they can keep the arrangement of sand and gravel materials in the process of high-efficiency sand washing, with less loss of fine sand, high sand washing output, and less sewage sediment.

3) Fewer wearing parts and long service life

Except for the screen, other parts of the sand washing machine can be separated from water and sand, which can reduce the failure of the sand washing machine caused by the rust and corrosion of the parts, reduce the maintenance cost of the equipment, and prolong the service life of the sand washing equipment.

sand washing machine equipment

The above introduces the relevant knowledge of the sand washing machine. After the machine-made sand is cleaned by the sand washing machine, the quality is higher, the cleanliness is better, and it also has higher market competitiveness in engineering construction.

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