Main production equipment of sand production line

Date: Mar. 04, 2022

The machine-made sand production lines should pay attention to the selection of sand production line equipment. Since many users are new to the sand and gravel industry and do not understand the production process and scheme of machine-made sand, this article will introduce the main production equipment of the sand production line.

sand production line

1. Jaw Crusher

The jaw crusher has a superior crushing force and crushing wall, combined with its high wear-resistant material lining plate, it can handle a wide range of ore materials. Users do not have to worry about the problem that the hardness of the ore material is too high and cannot be broken. In the crushing process, it can not only effectively reduce the maintenance cost, but also reduce the failure rate of the equipment and make the operation more reliable.

2. Impact crusher

The impact crusher has a unique production principle, the machine-made sand produced has a good shape, and the particle size adjustment is simple. It only needs to adjust the gap between the impact plate and the hammer. The impact crusher is easy to operate and is usually used for the second crushing, which is convenient for the production operation of the sand-making machine and meets the production demand for stones.

sand production line

3. Sand making machine

At present, the common sand-making machines are HVI sand-making machine and the VSI sand-making machine. These two sand-making machines have their own advantages and characteristics. Both the lubrication scheme and the throwing head of the HVI sand-making machine adopt a modular design, and the peripheral guard plate can also be replaced to prolong the service life of the parts. The VSI sand making machine has a good use effect and low investment cost. It adopts the crushing cavity of stone and iron, and the production and crushing efficiency is high.

4. Sand washing machine

The sand washing machine is responsible for cleaning the machine-made sand, removing the dust and impurities covered on the surface of the machine-made sand, and improving the quality and gradation of the sand and gravel. The sand washing machine has a simple structure and low failure rate, which can effectively improve environmental protection efficiency.

sand production line

5. Vibrating screen

The vibrating screen can screen the machine-made sand into finished products of different particle sizes and specifications, and can also be matched with the sand-making machine to form a closed-circuit cycle. The vibrating screen equipment can design the number of layers of the screen according to the production requirements. Except for the screen, there are almost no other wearing parts, which are easy to maintain and easy to use.

6. Feeder and Conveyor

Both the feeder and the conveyor belong to the auxiliary equipment of the sand-making production line. The feeder is responsible for feeding the sand and gravel, which can avoid the phenomenon of material blocking in the equipment. The conveyor is responsible for the conveying of materials and conveys the sand and gravel materials to the sand-making equipment.

sand production line

The above introduces the commonly used production equipment in the sand-making production line, mainly including jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, sand washing machine, vibrating screen, feeder, and conveyor. Users can appropriately increase or decrease equipment according to their own production conditions.

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