What Are The Use Of Washed Stone Powder

Date: Jul. 31, 2021

The stone powder is a kind of sand formed after sand making process. Among them,there are more dust and impurities, which can be used as high-quality sandstone after being cleaned by a stone powder sand washing machine. What are the main uses of washed stone powder? After sieving and washing the stone powder, as long as the mud content and stone powder content are controlled within a reasonable range, it can be used in various fields like ordinary machine-made sand. The main purpose is to configure concrete and mortar to improve the gradation of ultra-fine aggregates. In addition, there are household chemicals, ceramics, cement, glass, smelting, and refractory materials.

The Use Of Washed Stone Powder

The role of stone powder in machine-made sand concrete

1. Hydration

Studies have shown that the ettringite formed in the early stage of hydration will be transformed into monosulfur calcium sulfoaluminate in the later stage, which will reduce the strength of cement stone. But adding stone powder containing calcium carbonate can effectively solve the problem. In addition, the stone powder is mainly calcium carbonate, and calcium carbonate can react with C3A to form a hydrated calcium aluminate, thereby increasing the strength of concrete.

2. Filling effect

Stone powder can fill the voids in concrete and act as a filler for concrete to increase the density of concrete, thereby acting as an inert admixture. For the characteristics of a small amount of cementitious material and poor performance of the mixture, as long as the machine-made sand concrete of medium and low strength grades is used, it can be effectively compensated.

3. Water retention and thickening effect

The artificial concrete contains stone powder, which can reduce the risk of segregation and bleeding of the concrete mixture. Because stone powder can absorb water in concrete, it virtually increases the unilateral water consumption of concrete, so the higher the content of stone powder, the greater the viscosity of concrete. In addition, adding stone powder can also reduce the shrinkage of the concrete and compensate for the later hydration water of the concrete, because even if the concrete hardens, the water previously absorbed by the stone powder will gradually be released.

The Use Of Washed Stone Powder

Introduction to the performance of stone powder sand washing equipment

LZZG Multifunctional Sand Washing and Recycling Integrated Machine is after years of practice and technological innovation. LZZG launched the DS series of multifunctional sand washing and recycling all-in-one equipment. As professional sand washing equipment, this equipment integrates multiple water washing, centralized dewatering of coarse and fine sand, and fine sand recovery. Compared with the sand washing and recycling integrated machine, the performance has been greatly improved. Different from the previous sand washing equipment, this multifunctional sand washing machine cleverly combines a spiral sand washing machine, an impeller sand washing machine, and a fine sand recovery machine, using one device to achieve what used to be achieved by multiple devices in one production line. Function. The product structure design is reasonable, and more importantly, the product has powerful sand washing and fine sand recovery functions to achieve the greatest economic benefits for customers.

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