How to manage the operation of the sludge gravity thickening process

Date: Dec. 10, 2021

The sludge thickener is mainly for sludge with a sludge concentration of 1% or less than 1% to increase its solid content, that is, the sludge concentration. After being concentrated by the sludge thickener, the outflow concentration is above 3%. It is convenient for subsequent mechanical dehydration and improves the working efficiency and uses the effect of mechanical dehydration. How to manage the sludge gravity thickener? Many customers want to understand the problem. This article will give you an analysis.

sludge gravity thickening

1. The scum in the thickening tank should be removed in time. Scrape the scum scraper into the scum tank for removal. When there is no scum scraper, a water washing method can be used to flush the scum to the edge of the pool and then remove it.

2. When the sludge in the primary sedimentation tank is mixed and concentrated with the activated sludge, it should be ensured that the two sludges are evenly mixed. Preventing entry into the thickening tank will disturb the sludge layer due to density flow and destroy the thickening effect.

sludge gravity thickening

3. When the thickening tank has not been discharged for a long time, it should be emptied first, and the sludge thickening tank cannot be opened directly.

4. The concentration tank of some sewage treatment plants is small, and it is easy to freeze in the cold winter in the north. At this time, the ice should be broken before turning on the equipment. It is best to keep the mud scraping bridge running to avoid freezing.

5. Regularly check whether the effluent of the supernatant overflow weir is uniform. If it is not uniform, it should be adjusted in time to prevent short flow in the flow pattern in the thickening tank.

sludge gravity thickening

6. The thickening tank is a treatment facility with serious odor, and its surface is always filled with odor and corrosive gas. The corrosion of the equipment should be checked frequently. Such as electric control cabinets, junction boxes, and other places that are easily corroded. Avoid equipment failure due to corrosion. The thickening tank should also be patrolled daily, and the pool wall, scum trough, water outlet weir, and water collection pipe entrance should be cleaned regularly.

7. It should be emptied regularly (at least one year), and comprehensively check whether the bottom of the pool is accumulated with sand or mud, whether the underwater parts of the mud scraping bridge are hung with cotton yarn, plastic rope, etc., which affect the operation of the bridge, and comprehensively maintain and maintain it.

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