Maintenance and burning reasons of vibrating screen motor

Date: Dec. 10, 2021

The vibrating screen motor is different from the vibrating screen and other components. Once damaged, it cannot be replaced immediately, which will affect the working efficiency of the vibrating screen. Therefore, it is necessary to master the maintenance and repair of the vibrating screen motor.

vibrating screen motor

1. Maintenance of vibrating screen motor

To make the vibrating screen motor work normally and prolong its service life, it is inseparable from daily maintenance. The more diligent the daily maintenance, the more effective it is. This is the foundation of the vibrating screen motor to maintain stable performance.

1)Ensure that the bearing of the vibration motor has an appropriate amount of axial clearance

After the vibrating screen runs at high speed, the bearing will heat up and expand, leaving a proper amount of axial clearance to ensure that the bearing can work normally after heat up and expansion, so that the motor will not be burned.

2)The eccentric block is adjusted correctly

Since the daily production volume will change a lot in a period, at this time -. Generally, the exciting force of the vibration motor can be changed by adjusting the angle of the eccentric block. At this time, pay attention to the inner eccentric block in the axial direction. , The included angle of the eccentric block at both ends and the inner eccentric block should be the same, otherwise, it will produce the wrong excitation force and damage the vibrating screen.

vibrating screen motor

3)Ensure the lubrication of the vibration motor

To ensure good lubrication of the vibrating motor is inseparable from the work of regularly adding grease, which is generally added once every half a month.

4)Regular shut down for maintenance

After the vibrating motor has been working for some time, some of the parts inside will be aging and unsuitable for continued use, mainly due to the wear of the bearings; in addition, a lot of dust has accumulated in the vibrating motor during this period, and it must be cleaned up.

vibrating screen motor

2. The reason for the burning of the vibration motor

If the daily maintenance work is not done well, coupled with the long-term overload operation of the vibration motor, it will cause the vibration motor to fail to work. The common problem is that the vibration motor burns out. There are many reasons for this.

1)The anchor bolts are loose

The high-frequency rotation of the vibrating motor brings about not only a large excitation force but also high frequency. The anchor bolts will inevitably loosen after some time. If one bolt is loose, it will affect other bolts. In severe cases, the bolt will break and burn the motor.

2)Improper installation of the motor

This is mainly a problem with the horizontal vibration motor. Since there is no flat bearing in the horizontal vibration motor, it must be installed horizontally. If the installation is inclined or vertical, the bearing will bear the weight of the eccentric block and cause the motor to burn.

vibrating screen motor

3)Improper adjustment of the eccentric block

This is caused by the inconsistent angle mentioned above.

4)Improper sealing

If the motor is not properly sealed in a harsh working environment, too much dust will enter and cause friction, which will burn the motor.

5)Sun exposure

If the vibrating motor is placed in the scorching sun, the temperature of the vibrating motor is bound to rise, causing the motor to burn.

vibrating screen motor

The vibrating screen motor is the power source in the entire vibrating screen working system, and under certain circumstances, it also has a great influence on the requirements of the vibrating screen’s screening effect. The motor of the vibrating screen must be regularly maintained daily.

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