Remove Water Out of Your Sands

Date: Jun. 11, 2018

The washed sand always contains a lot of water in general sand washing plant, so caused sand can’t be sold directly. And a large area is needed to store washed sand. This not only wastes a lot of space, but also reduces economic benefits. Then how to solve this situation?

The answer is–you just need a dewatering screen, which can remove the water out of sand easily and effectively. Final water content down to 12%-15%.

sand dewatering screen

sand dewatering screen

How does it remove the water out of sand?

The basic usage of dewatering screen is put it followed sand washing machine. Sand washing machine feed the washed sand on to polyurethane screen of dewatering screen. Because dewatering screen adopts dual-motor self-synchronization technology. When the two motors start to work, the vibrators move reversely at the same time. The high frequency drives the screen move back and forth in line repeatedly. So the sand will be dewatered. Then the dewatered sand can transfer by belt conveyor to stock piles, then upload and sell directly.

LZZG has been always committed to doing washing sand dehydration industry. Dewatering screen as our patent product, it adopts wearable polyurethane material as its screen plate, bending a whole plate to be its main body. It works perfectly at customers’ working site for years.


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