Environmentally Sand Washing Machine for Sand and Gravel

Date: Jun. 07, 2018

With the development of the times, the sand and gravel industry is also constantly improving by development technology. The realization of energy-saving sand-washing and environmentally-friendly production is the mainstream of our economic development. Green and high-tech production has become the core of company’s development.

Longzhong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of sand washing machine in sand and gravel industry. The manufacturers continuously improve production technology, research and produce various energy-saving, environmental-friendly new sand washing machine equipment to develop a recycling economy. The rapid rise of economy has accelerated the pace of integration of urban and rural construction, public infrastructure, and residential housing construction in China.

Sand washing machinery as the main production equipment for construction and many projects, which plays an important role in sand washing production. The quality and operation of sand washing machine directly affect the quality of sand stone products. Longzhong Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. has become a leader in water-washing sand industry. With the long-term development of company, product quality, service and product innovation are indispensable. We have always been committed to ensuring continuous innovation in product quality, perfecting our service system, and providing high-tech value-added equipment.

There are many types of sand washing machine, common are: bucket sand washing machine, spiral sand washing machine, double wheel washing sand recycling machine, etc. The sand washing machine can be choose according to material to greatly improve production efficiency of sand production line . Longzhong Heavy Industry has professional production experience in sand washing production. There are good quality and stable performance, welcome you to visit our factory!


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