Precautions For Sludge Sewage Treatment Equipment

Date: Dec. 09, 2020

The sludge sewage treatment equipment of the sand washing field generally chooses a filter press and thickening tank. As a more commonly used sludge treatment equipment, a filter press can effectively separate all kinds of sludge with high water content. The sludge is convenient for storage and transportation, effectively solving the problem of low efficiency of traditional sedimentation sludge treatment methods. What should be paid attention to in the sludge and sewage treatment equipment of the sand washing field?


1. Pressure control

The main factor that affects the filtering effect of the filter press is pressure control. As we all know, the main working principle of the filter press is to realize the filtering function through the control and adjustment of the pressure. Therefore, the status of the pressure system is self-evident. The working status is directly related to the filtering effect.

2. Filtration speed

The second factor that affects the working performance of the filter press is the filtration speed. Many manufacturers now just blindly pursue the filtration speed of the filter press and ignore the essence of filtration. The filtration speed of the filter press should be designed according to the concentration of the liquid. Different factors such as resistance and resistance should be determined, and the use speed of the filter press should be appropriately allocated.

filter press

3. Filter area

The larger the area of the filter, the greater the flow of objects passing through it, the more residue it will take away during filtration, and the worse the filtering effect.

4. Filtrate

Proper maintenance can not only improve work efficiency but also extend the service life of sludge treatment equipment. When the machine-made sand sludge treatment equipment is used in the cold winter season, the cold weather will reduce the activity of the sewage. When it is affected by the cold climate, the filtrate will simply become a solid or a mixture of solid and liquid. When the liquid is fed into the equipment by the feed pump, it simply constitutes the pipe blockage of the equipment, which may impact and friction with the filter plate, and then accelerate the wear level and aging of the sludge treatment equipment, and even cause damage to the equipment in severe cases.

5. Hydraulic system

When the temperature reaches the time when the hydraulic oil becomes solid, the oil pump will not be able to obtain the satisfactory oil effect, so it will constitute the equipment pressure system to generate unsatisfactory pressure, making the filter chamber of the filter press unable to be sealed, and the equipment is not normal. jobs. Try not to directly start the sludge treatment equipment when the temperature is low, start it slowly as much as possible, and wait for the hydraulic system to warm up before performing operations, to achieve better results.

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