Installation And Debugging Of Vibrating Screen

Date: Nov. 13, 2020

As the production time increases, various problems will inevitably occur in the vibrating screen, or the vibration amplitude needs to be increased or decreased. At this time, it is difficult to adjust if you are not clear about the installation or debugging of its components. This article will tell you the operation steps of 6 types of situations.

Circular vibrating screen

1. Adjust the Vibration Amplitude

Increasing the amplitude is beneficial to solid-phase transportation and increasing the processing capacity, while reducing the amplitude is beneficial to the life of the screen and the vibrator bearing. To change the amplitude, follow the steps below.
1) Turn off the power.

2) Remove the protective cover on the vibrator.

3) Rotate the outermost one of each pair of balance weights on the vibrator shaft to change the exciting force generated by the vibrator.

4) Place the balance weights at the same percentage of the maximum excitation force and lock the eccentric weights.

2. Circuit Connection

The factory’s electrical system is equipped with an independent overload protection device, which interlocks the two vibrators to prevent damage to the equipment when one vibrator fails.
1) The mating surface of the wiring port thread and the motor junction box must be coated with a sealant to prevent water from entering during work.

2) The inlet at the bottom of the switch must be sealed to prevent the vibrating screen from being used for a long time after leaving the factory, and water vapor entering the rusty movement.

3) Ensure that the wiring at the connection port of the vibration motor is tight enough to avoid fatigue and fracture of the cable due to violent shaking.

vibrating screen

3. Adjustment of the Screen Box Angle

There is no need to stop the machine when adjusting the angle of the screen box. Follow the steps below.
1) Pull out the plug.

2) Turn the handwheel, the adjustment device will move up and down; when the angle of the screen box is adjusted, insert the pin.

3) Continue to turn the hand-wheel to move the moving part down, so that the bolt is stressed, and the internal lead screw is not bent due to the force.

4) Adjust the other side so that the angle on both sides is the same.

Since the sliding surface of the angle adjustment device is exposed, the grease must be added frequently to avoid rust.

4. Install the Screen

1) When loosening the tension bolts that fasten the screen, do not remove the nuts, rotate the tension bolts 90° to make the flat square withdraw from the long hole of the screen hook plate, and then take out the screen ,hook the plate and remove the screen.

2) When tensioning the screen, make the left hook plate in a vertical position, tighten the right screen hook plate, and then tighten the left tension bolts. The screen and the screen frame should vibrate synchronously, and there should be no separation.

vibrating screen

5. Lubrication Operation

After the vibrating screen has been working for 2 months, each bearing on the vibrator should be lubricated once, and about 10g of grease should be added to each bearing grease nozzle. Excessive grease will enter the motor windings and affect the heat dissipation of the coils.

6. Replace the Vibrator

When replacing the vibration motor, you must understand its internal structure. The eccentric block structure of the S250 translational elliptical vibrating screen vibrating motor is different from the ordinary vibrating motor, and the eccentric blocks on both sides of it are not at the same angle. Therefore, before replacing the old motor, you should open the motor shield and carefully study the installation position of the eccentric block according to the manual.
When the vibrating motor is installed on the screen box, the eccentric blocks at both ends of the motor shaft are not in the same radial direction but installed at a certain angle, the upper eccentric block and the lower end have a phase angle of 45°, and the motor structures on the left and right sides are opposite.

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