Improving The Efficient Of Sand Washing Plant For Sale

Date: Oct. 09, 2020

We have a lot of questions about the efficiency of the sand washer for sale. Such as what to do if the sand washer has a poor cleaning effect? The efficiency of the sand washer is low, how to increase production capacity? How to deal with the frequent failure of the sand washer that affects production? In order to deal with these problems, we have introduced 7 methods for your reference. Let’s see it.

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1. Prevent Debris Entry

The cleanliness and mud content of sand is one of the reasons for the decline in the output of sand washing machines. During the cleaning process of the sand washer, it is needed in order to prevent impurities from affecting the cleaning effect of the finished product. In addition, it is necessary in order to prevent materials with high hardness from entering the inside of the machine, causing wear on the equipment and reducing the service life.

2.Reasonable Control of the Liquid Level of the Sand Washer

If the liquid level is too low, the cleaning effect will not be achieved. If the liquid level is too high, water resources will be wasted, the ideal cleaning effect will not be achieved, and the ore will easily overflow. The number of materials for one-time cleaning must be within the specified range, otherwise, it will easily cause the sand washer to malfunction.

3.Adjust Concentration to the Critical Value

The concentration of ore is the principal factor that needs to be adjusted during the operation of the sand washer. It is linked to the grading particle size and the processing capacity under the particle size.
The processing capacity of the sand washing machine reaches the maximum at the critical concentration, which is related to the specified graded particle size and varies with the density of the ore and the mud content. The higher the more density or the lower the mud content, the higher the critical concentration, and vice versa. The relationship between acute concentration and graded particle size is the same as that of mud content. That is, the lower the graded particle size, the smaller the critical concentration.


4. Clarify the Properties of Sand and Gravel

The production capacity of a sand washing machine is related to the properties of sand and gravel, such as the hardness, density, mud content, and particle size of the sand and gravel materials. If the sand and gravel materials are uneven and their individual attributes are different, they may affect the processing capacity of the sand washing equipment, and the density of the material is precisely proportional to the production capacity of the sand washing machine. The influence of mud content and or size is mainly reflected in the viscosity of the slurry. Decreasing the viscosity and increasing the sedimentation speed of mineral particles will improve the processing capacity and classification accuracy of the sand washer.

5.Appropriate Installation Location

The sand washer should be placed in a suitable location, it can be placed on flat ground, or placed at a prominent place, but the plane must be hard enough, and it must not be placed close to the water source. These places are prone to collapse. Causing unnecessary production troubles. In addition, there must be sufficient production space to ensure stable material transportation and production, and abundant storage space for machine-made sand after cleaning to avoid secondary pollution.


6. The Technical Level of the Operator is Better

The output of the sand washing machine is minimal, and 60% of the factors may be caused by the error of the staff. The poor technical level will affect the normal operation of the equipment and greatly reduce the production efficiency of the sand washing machine.

7. Daily Inspection Should be Timely

The equipment should be carefully inspected in many aspects before the machine is running. For example: ensure that the passage of each component is unobstructed, replace worn parts in time, tighten bolts, and ensure that the bearings and reducer have sufficient and clean lubricating oil.
In the long-term production and operation process, the sand washer will affect the sand washing effect and efficiency due to various problems. If you encounter the above problems in future production, you can refer to the 7 aspects described in this article for inspection and maintenance.

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