How to solve the rust problem of the sand washing machine

Date: Sep. 29, 2021

The daily maintenance of sand washer equipment is very important, including but not limited to the maintenance of various key parts. The lubrication part of the sand washer equipment is very important. If the maintenance is not carried out for a long time, it will rust and make the work unsmooth. In serious cases, it may also cause mechanical failures, delaying time and affecting production. Therefore, the following mainly introduces the requirements of lubricants for sand washing machine equipment.

sand washing machine

1. The oil tank volume of the sand washing machine is small, so the amount of lubricating oil that can be loaded is relatively small. In addition, the oil temperature is higher during work, which requires the lubricating oil to have good thermal stability and anti-oxidation. sex. Because the working site of the sand washer equipment is very bad, with more coal dust, rock dust, and water, the lubricating oil will inevitably be contaminated by these impurities. Therefore, lubricating oil is required to have good anti-rust, anti-corrosion, and anti-emulsification. performance.

sand washing machine

2. If it is the sand washing machine equipment in the open-pit mine, we should also pay attention to the changes in the temperature in the four seasons. In some places, the temperature difference between day and night is also great. This requires the viscosity of the lubricating oil we choose to change with the temperature to be small, not only to prevent the viscosity of the lubricating oil from becoming too low when the temperature is high, resulting in the inability to form a lubricating film and failing to achieve the desired lubricating effect but also to prevent When the temperature is low, the viscosity is too high, which makes it difficult to start up and work. There is also a situation that some sand washer equipment is more likely to cause fires or even explosions when the high temperature continues. Therefore, it is necessary to use a lubricant with good flame resistance instead of a lubricant with a low flammable point.

sand washing machine

3. The adaptability of the lubricant to the seal is required to prevent the seal from being damaged. In general, not only the lubrication of sand washer equipment is very important, but the quality of the lubricant is also very important. If poor quality lubricating oil is used, it will have a great impact on the normal operation of the sand washer equipment.

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Rust removal method

Rust removal tip 1

The high-pressure water rust removal. Use high-pressure water to spray equipment. The advantage of this method of rust removal is that it has no dust pollution, almost no harm to sand washing equipment, and greatly improves the efficiency of rust removal. However, the position after rust removal should be dried as soon as possible, and the area that needs to be lubricated should be coated with lubricating oil as soon as possible. Moreover, high-pressure water rust removal may adversely affect the paint on the surface of the equipment, and it may also cause problems if bad paint is used.

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Rust removal trick 2

It compressed air rust removal. Compress the air and install a suitable rust removal device to reciprocate or rotate to meet different needs of rust removal. If the angle grinding wheel, wire brush, pneumatic needle beam, pneumatic rust knocks rust, it can remove rust, and the treatment rate of paint roughening is greatly improved compared with manual rust removal, up to 1~2m2/hour, but the surface roughness of oxide scale cannot be removed. Smaller, high-quality, high-rate surface treatment and jet can be achieved. Can be used in any position, especially in the repair process has been widely used.

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The above two tips are mainly used in places where the rusted area is relatively large. If the rusted area is relatively small, manual rust removal can be used. Hand hammer, shovel, knife, steel wire brush, or coarse emery cloth can solve the small area. The rust is gone.

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