How To Deal With The Torsional Vibration Of Sand Washer

Date: Nov. 06, 2020

Torsional vibration failures mostly occur on sand washer and vibrating screen, which not only causes material deviation, resonance, and reduce screening efficiency but also cause damage to other components. Only by mastering preventive measures and understanding the causes and solutions of torsional vibration in advance, can this phenomenon be effectively avoided.

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What Causes Torsional Vibration?

1.The direction of the exciting force generated by the exciter of the sand washing machine is deflected and displaced, or different parts of the spring and vibrating screen fail.

2.When the screen surface of the vibrating screen is not placed on a horizontal plane, the phenomenon of “torsional vibration” will also occur.

3.Customers usually use two motors to drive the vibrating screen to ensure sufficient efficiency and screen power. However, when the exciting force generated by the two motors is superimposed into a force perpendicular to the motor shaft, the material on the vibrating screen moves linearly, which is the normal working track of the vibrating screen. However, if the directions of the two vibration forces are deflected or displaced, or the spring damping parameters of the sand washing machine and different components fail, it will cause the “torsional vibration phenomenon” of the screen box, accompanied by material deviation, resonance, stagnation.

4.The phenomenon of “torsional vibration” in the equipment will not only affect the screening effect of the vibrating screen but also damage the structure of the equipment, resulting in uneven vibration force distribution of the vibrating screen and vibration cracking of the screen box, thereby shortening the vibrating screen Service life.


How to prevent this phenomenon from happening?

1. When adjusting the vibrating screen of the sand washing machine, make the angle between the eccentric blocks at both ends of the vibrating motor equal and deviate from the same side of the vibrating motor.

2. Check the rubber springs to ensure that there is no difference in height between the springs. If there is a difference, the damaged part must be replaced to avoid “torsional vibration”.

3. The sand washer also needs to check whether the screen surface is in a horizontal position. If it is not in a horizontal position, manual adjustment is required to avoid the influence of “torsional vibration” on the screening capacity and output.

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