How to choose a suitable silica sand double tank scrubbing machine

Date: Oct. 29, 2021

How to buy a silica sand double tank scrubber? First, we need to know, the silica sand scrubbing machine and the double-slot scrubbing machine not only reduce the occupied space and volume but also reduce the noise and vibration. The scrubbing machine can be used for scrubbing high-concentration materials, and the maximum scrubbing concentration can reach 75%, so it is practical The new type greatly improves the efficiency of scrubbing materials and the scrubbing effect on the surface of the materials, and the scrubbing qualification rate basically reaches 100%.

 double tank scrubbing machine

The second thing to understand is the structural characteristics. A double-slot silica sand scrubbing machine for scrubbing the surface of materials. It includes a double-slot silica sand scrubbing machine frame. Two scrubbing tanks are arranged in the frame. Each scrubbing tank is equipped with a large and small impeller stirring device, which is characterized by each stirring device It is connected with its own direct-connected motor, and the direct-connected motor is connected to the frame installed on the frame of the scrubber.

 double tank scrubbing machine

1. Structure and principle of silica sand scrubbing machine

The machine is a double slot machine. Each slot of the scrubber is equipped with an independent transmission system. Each slot is driven by a motor through a triangular belt to drive the main shaft to rotate at a high speed. Each main shaft is equipped with two high-speed impellers in opposite directions. The axial thrust of the two impellers, The mixing capacity is not the same. The main shaft has two structural forms, and its installation position is related to the flow direction of the ore flow, and the direction of the scrubbing force must be the same as the flow direction of the ore flow.

 double tank scrubbing machine

During the scrubbing process, the mineral fluid of the silica sand slurry scrubber is first strongly pushed by the upper impeller and then pushed in the opposite direction by the lower impeller, so that the material collides strongly between the two impellers under the action of two opposite thrusts to form friction. The dirt, impurities, and oxides attached to the surface of the material are separated from the material, and the fresh surface is exposed, creating conditions for improving the efficiency of the next process. The scrubbing effect also increases as the concentration of the pulp increases, and the actual power consumption also increases.

 double tank scrubbing machine

2. Product features of silica sand scrubbing machine

1) Simple structure, large effective volume, and small floor space. The peripheral speed is low and the service life is long. The power consumption is small, the scrubbing and stirring intensity are large, and the effect is good.

2) The impeller is located above the “pulp sedimentation zone”, which is easy to start and has low starting power, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the operator.

3) The relative position of the double-slot scrubber feeding, discharging and the motor can be made into different positions according to user needs.

 double tank scrubbing machine

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