Factors affecting the output of sand washer

Date: Oct. 26, 2021

The sand washing machine can remove impurities covering the surface of the sand and at the same time destroy the water vapor layer covering the sand to facilitate dehydration and play a role in efficient sand washing and cleaning. There will be a series of problems in the long-term operation of the sand washer, and these problems will eventually affect the output of the sand washer. How to solve these problems and ensure the output of sand washing machines is a problem that many customers want to understand. This article summarizes some methods for increasing the output of sand washers and methods to deal with the failure of sand washers.

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Common faults and solutions of sand washer

After understanding the common faults of the sand washer, the customer will not be at a loss because the sand washer suddenly stops running. Finding the problem of the sand washer in time and solving the problem can greatly improve the effectiveness of the sand washer.

1. The transmission part of the sand washing machine is noisy, and the fault is caused by insufficient gear lubrication; gear spacing changes.

Solution: Add enough grease and adjust and tighten the anchor bolts of the reducer.

2. The reason for the failure of the gear is easy to damage. The sand washer was not maintained in time. The shaft of the sand washer and the low-speed shaft of the reducer does not reach the required parallelism.

Solution: Refuel at the specified time while adjusting to meet the requirements.

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3. Reasons for rack vibration failure. The coupling frame bolts are loose or the bearing seat bolts are loose.

Solution: Tighten the bolts of the sand washing machine; check and tighten the bolts.

4. The amount of sand washing of the sand washing machine is reduced or the reason for the failure of sand leakage. The sand net is damaged or the sand net fixing bolts fall off.

Solution: Check and repair or replace the sand net and tighten the bolts.

5. There is a cause of noise failure in the bearing part. When the rolling bearing is short of oil, there will be a “Gulu Gulu” sound. When the bearing steel ring ruptures, a discontinuous “stemming” sound will be heard, or the bearing parts will be worn out; there will be sand and other debris in the bearing.

Solution: add sand washing machine lubricant. If the bearing is cracked, the inner and outer rings are broken or the bearing is excessively worn, replace the new bearing and use the same bearing as the original model. Clean in time.

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How to improve the efficiency of sand washing machine

1. Ensure the proficiency of operators

The equipment operator will also affect the output of the sand washing machine. Therefore, before use, it is necessary to do a good job of training equipment operators to understand the working principle, performance characteristics, and various precautions of the sand washing machine.

2. Improve the quality of sand washing machine

The use effect of any equipment is closely related to the quality of the equipment itself. As we all know, the same product, due to the difference in equipment quality, brings us a big gap in experience and value.

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3. Reduce the soil content of sand

The quality of the raw sand will be the decisive factor affecting the output of the sand washer, such as the amount of dirt, stones, shells, and other impurities in the sand. Also, the particle size will affect the output of the sand washing machine.

4. Maintain equipment in time

The sand washing machine should be maintained regularly to keep it in a good working condition, which is the prerequisite to ensure the output.

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