Advantages Of Dewatering Screen Panel In China

Date: Apr. 29, 2021

In the vibrating screen industry, the choice of dewatering screen panels is very important. Different dewatering screen panels have a great influence on the function and efficiency of production. The types of dewatering screen panels commonly used in vibrating screens are metal and non-metal. Metal screens are mostly made of low-carbon, high-carbon, steel, spring, stainless steel, etc, non-metal screens are mostly made of rubber, nylon, polyurethane, and other materials.

polyurethane dewatering screen panel

In the LZZG vibrating screen series products, except for some circular vibrating screens used for grading large-particle materials, the other vibrating dewatering screens and tailings dry exhaust screens are all made of wear-resistant polyurethane screens, which have a high opening rate. It has good water permeability, long service life, a good working effect, and convenient replacement.

Compared with the metal screen, the polymer polyurethane dewatering screen panel material used by Longzhong has the following advantages.

1. It can effectively improve screening efficiency. Compared with the metal screen, the polyurethane dewatering screen panel is used, and the screening efficiency of the equipment can be increased by about 20%.

polyurethane dewatering screen panel

2. When the screen is maintained and replaced, it can effectively reduce the installation time and improve the operation rate of the equipment. Due to the relatively long service life of the polyurethane dewatering screen panel, compared to other types of vibrating screens during the equipment life cycle, the replacement of the screen surface is significantly reduced, and the operation rate of the equipment is compared with that of a vibrating screen with a metal screen surface. Increase by about 15%.

3. The polymer polyurethane dewatering screen panel has good wear resistance and long service life.

polyurethane dewatering screen panel

4. The use of a polymer polyurethane dewatering screen panel can effectively reduce noise and improve the working environment. In addition to the resonance of the metal screen with the screen box during work, the mesh also produces some vibrations. This phenomenon is more obvious after wear. In addition, the rigidity of the material on the surface of the box and the vibration of other parts cause higher noise. . The polyurethane screen has a whole screen plate, which has a certain buffering effect and can reduce the noise by about 20dB (A).

After the vibrating dewatering screen panel is worn or damaged during long-term operation, it will confuse all levels of materials and seriously affect the quality of the finished product. Therefore, when choosing to purchase a vibrating screen, the selection of the screen is particularly important, suitable, and durable. The screen saves a lot of unnecessary trouble for the production line.

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