Common Failures Of Spiral Sand Washer

Date: Apr. 02, 2021

A spiral sand washer is a common sand washing equipment. This paper introduces five kinds of faults that are easy to occur in spiral washing and the solution measures. Hope to help you better understand spiral washing.

Spiral Sand Washer

1. Broken Shaft

The main reasons for the broken shaft are uneven sand return, insufficient strength of the hollow shaft, the uneven running load of the classifier, poor shaft material processing quality, improper installation or bending of the hollow shaft, and improper operation. We can solve it by replacing the hollow shaft or re-welding.

2. Abnormal vibration or noise

The spiral sand washing machine makes abnormal noise or vibrations when it is running. At this time, we should stop feeding immediately, and after the remaining materials are processed, stop the generator, shut down for inspection, and restart operation after the inspection is correct.

3. Spiral blades or bent spokes

Generally, it is caused by the excessive amount of sand returning during operation, which causes the sand returning tank to be blocked; or the spiral lifting is not enough before starting. This problem can be solved by repairing or replacing new spiral blades and spokes.

Spiral Sand Washer

4. Gears are easily damaged

Gears wear for a long time and cause damage. We should replace the damaged gears in time and maintain them regularly. At the same time, the shaft of the sand washer should reach the required level.

5. Lifting rod vibration

The shaft head is bent, sand is inserted into the lower shaft head, or the balls of the shaft head are worn out, which easily causes the vibration of the lifting rod. Customers should clean the lower shaft head regularly and check whether the shaft head is bent and the wear of the balls in the time.

The article has introduced five common failure causes and solutions of the spiral sand washing machine above. In addition to choosing the sand washing machine, we need to pay special attention to the maintenance and repair work of the sand washing machine. Regular maintenance can be done. Improving the sand washing efficiency of the sand washing machine can also increase the service life of the sand washing machine. Therefore, the maintenance work of the sand washing machine is indispensable.

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