What are the requirements of China silica sand washing machines for materials

Date: Jun. 04, 2021

The China silica sand washing machine is widely used in various industries such as construction sites, sand and gravel plants, and concrete dam sites of hydropower stations. It has the advantages of high cleanliness, reasonable structure, large disposal capacity, and low power consumption. Sand washing machines are widely used but have certain requirements for material cleaning. If unsuitable materials are forcibly cleaned, it will harm the sand washer itself. Therefore, when you encounter the following materials, you must first process and dispose of them and then clean them.

China silica sand washing machine

1. Aggregate with alkali activity. When encountering alkaline aggregates, the alkaline should be treated first, and then washed with sand washing.

2. The materials that do not meet the quality indicators must be properly processed. Cleaning can only be carried out after reaching the standard.

3. Regarding weathered rock mass, when weathering does not affect the physical and mechanical properties and chemical stability of a single stone, it can be directly cleaned with a sand washer.

4. When choosing sandstone and other rocks with large changes in lithology as materials, the stability of its physical and chemical composition must be proved before it can be cleaned with a sand washer.

5. When the content of the crushed aggregate exceeds the specified content, it cannot be cleaned directly with a sand washing machine. It is necessary to improve the shape of the aggregate before cleaning.

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