Take You To Know The Silica Sand Washing Process

Date: Jan. 19, 2021

The silica sand washing process is generally determined by 3 points. The first is the occurrence state of impurity minerals in the raw sand. The second is the beneficiation cost of the purification process. Finally the industrial use of refined sand products.

 silica sand washing process

In the process of weathering, the silica sand washing process includes sedimentation, and mineralization of quartz sand, a large number of clay minerals, and iron from cement or adhesion minerals on the quartz surface. The process of scrubbing, grading, and desliming is used to remove clay impurity minerals, argillaceous iron, and part of thin-film iron.

The First

Generally, common impurity minerals in quartz sand, such as limonite, tourmaline, hematite, biotite, and other weakly magnetic miners, magnetite, and strong magnetic minerals can only be removed by the magnetic separation process. In actual production, Wet-type strong magnetic machines are often used for sorting, and the magnetic field strength is about 13,000 Oersteds.

The Second

After the quartz sand ore is separated by scrubbing, magnetic separation, and flotation, the mineral particles (including monomers and aggregates) with a low occurrence of impurities have been basically removed, and the purity of silica can generally reach 99.5%-99.9% It can basically meet most industrial uses of quartz sand. Yet, the silica sand washing process in Malaysia, if it is required to be further used as ultra-high-purity quartz sand, it is necessary to do acid leaching treatment for the impurities that are continuously grown on the surface of the quartz particles in the form of spots and inclusions. According to its different industrial uses, the different impurity minerals (Fe, Al, Ti, Cr) requirements, mixed acid leaching treatment with different concentrations and proportions. After the rod scrubbing-desliming-magnetic separation-flotation-acid leaching process, high purity quartz sand with a silica content of 99.99% or more is obtained.

The Third

For the refined quartz sand for general industrial purposes, a simple process should be selected as much as possible to reduce the purification cost. It is recommended to use the scrubbing-desliming-magnetic separation process to meet the spiritual quality requirements. In the silica sand washing process in Malaysia, for high-purity and ultra-high-purity quartz sand, which is used as high-tech sand, it is necessary to further purify the quartz sand by further flotation and acid leaching. The quality requirements of high-purity and ultra-high-purity quartz sand are generally silica ≥99.99%, and the mass fraction of iron trioxide is less than 1×10-5. The purification process must not only strictly control the selection conditions but also need the corresponding purification equipment It is also strict to prevent secondary pollution.

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