Methods of cleaning and removing impurities from silica sand

Date: Dec. 24, 2021

Silica sand products are pure, uniform in particle size, and no soil impurities are visible. However, the raw ore of silica sand was excavated from the mountain, and it contains a lot of mud. Therefore, it needs to be cleaned and removed from impurities.

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How to clean silica sand?

1. Common methods for dealing with soil and impurities are high-pressure water gun flushing and pickling. The silica sand manufacturer thinks that the high-pressure water gun is aimed at large pieces of material, which washes away the soil, and the pickling can remove metal impurities such as iron and aluminum on the surface. Pickling is to soak the carrier with 6mol/L hydrochloric acid for 2 hours or heat and soak with concentrated hydrochloric acid for 30 minutes, filter, wash with water to neutrality, and dry.

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2. A lot of fine powder will also occur during the process of silica sand making, which will affect the purity of silica sand products. This procedure also requires ore washing. At this time, people usually choose ore washing equipment, such as tumbling ore washing machine, etc., using silica sand For the filter, some people use an ultrasonic instrument to clean the silica sand.

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How to remove impurities in silica sand?

As we all know, silica sand is a quartz particle produced by crushing quartz stone. Quartzite is a kind of non-metallic mineral quality, a kind of silicate mineral that is stable, wear-resistant, and stable in chemical function. Minerals generally have purity, and there are some impurities in silica sand, so how can the impurities be removed?

1. Wipe off the mud

The mechanical force and the grinding and peeling force between the sand particles are used to remove the thin film iron on the surface of the silica sand, bonding, and muddy impurity minerals, and to further grind the reconstituted mineral aggregates, and then the grading operation will achieve the effect of further purifying the silica sand.

2. Washing method

Products with higher levels of sand and high whiteness can enter the water washing process, which can remove dust and some impurities in the sand.

3. Pickling method

It is assumed that the product sand is reddish and the iron content is high will enter the pickling process.

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4. Magnetic separation, purification, and impurity removal

Magnetic separation is mainly used to remove magnetic minerals in silica sand. For example, weakly magnetic minerals such as hematite, limonite, and biotite can be removed by a strong magnetic machine, while strong magnetic minerals such as magnetite can be removed by a weak magnetic separator. . Flotation is used to remove some impurities that cannot be removed by magnetic separation, such as feldspar and mica in silica sand, and further improve its purity.

5. Wet process

The first choice is the water-washed stone-grinding process. The silica sand produced by this process has high hardness, high strength, few semi-broken particles, and low dust content. It is mainly used as a silica sand filter material for water treatment. The silica sand product produced by the wet process is water.

The above is the method of cleaning and removing impurities of silica sand. If you have other questions that you don’t understand, you can contact us and we have a professional team to answer you.

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