How to produce high-quality machine-made sand

Date: Dec. 30, 2021

Natural sand and gravel resources are increasingly depleted, and it is difficult to meet the demand. High-quality machine-made sand can meet the different sand needs of different construction projects, so how to produce high-quality machine-made sand? Need to start from the following aspects: material selection, equipment, technology, quality control, etc.

machine-made sand

1. Make a good choice of base material

Many raw materials can be used as machine-made sand, generally, granite, basalt, river pebble, cobblestone, limestone, calcite, andesite, rhyolite, diorite, diabase, sandstone, tailings, slag, quartzite, etc., different The artificial sand made from the rock has different strength and particle size, and the corresponding user will also be different.

machine-made sand

2. Machine-made sand production process

The basic production process can generally be divided into the following stages: mine block stone → coarse crushing → medium crushing → fine crushing → screening → dust removal → machine-made sand. In wet production, a sand washer is used to wash the stone powder. The equipment mainly includes a wheel and spiral sand washer. Since the wheel-type sand washer has less loss of fine sand and stone powder, the produced sand is relatively well-graded.

machine-made sand

3. Particle gradation control

The shape of machine-made sand is mainly affected by factors such as the development of lithological joints of the parent rock, the type of crushing equipment, and the type of screen. The lithology of the parent rock affects the rock crushing surface and the degree of crushing. The impact crusher has a better forming effect. The shape control is better. The gradation of machine-made sand particles can be achieved by adjusting the feed gradation, feed volume, crusher speed, screen size, and other aspects.

machine-made sand

4. Stone powder content control

The smaller the fineness modulus of machine-made sand, the finer the particles as a whole, and the more the stone powder content. It is not advisable to simply increase the stone powder content to reduce the fineness modulus during production. Since these two technical indicators are ebb and flow and conflict with each other, it is necessary to seek a range where both meet the requirements of the specification.

machine-made sand

The production of high-quality machine-made sand to replace the shortage of river sand for project construction can not only greatly reduce construction costs, but also reduce the impact of discarded slag on the environment, which is of great economic value and environmental protection significance.

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