How Attrition Scrubber Works

Date: May. 20, 2021

The attrition scrubber understood by general users is a high-concentration, powerful stirring scrubbing equipment used to scrub the surface of materials to facilitate the reaction of materials in the next process. The use and maintenance of the scrubber determine the subsequent purification accuracy of the beneficiation process. The working principle of the attrition scrubber is that the scrubbed materials are conducive to flotation mineralization and recollection, which can increase the recovery rate of the beneficiation operation. For high-concentration pulp, the scrubbing effect is more significant.

attrition scrubber

How the attrition scrubber works

The ore pulp enters into the scrubbing machine cavity through the feed pipe, and under the strong stirring action of the impeller, the slurry produces violent turbulence. The mineral particles have huge momentum in them, and they generate violent friction and collision with each other. Because the impurity film wrapped on the surface of the mineral grains is not strong, it is easily peeled off the surface of the mineral after friction and impact.

The cement on the mineral surface will loosen and disintegrate after being soaked in water and then through strong friction and collision between the mineral particles, to achieve the separation of clay and mineral particles. These film impurities and clay are disintegrated and peeled off into the slurry, and the slurry can be separated after subsequent desliming. In the actual production process, different agents should be added according to the actual situation of minerals.

attrition scrubber

Use and maintenance of attrition scrubber

The use and maintenance of scrubbers are particularly important for various industries such as metallurgy, chemicals, building materials, light industry, food, and pharmaceuticals. The scrubbing machine can remove dirt, impurities, and oxides on the surface of the material through scrubbing and friction between materials so that the material can form a fresh surface.

1. Before starting the machine, check whether the foundation is firm and whether the bolts at the joints of each part are fastened.

2. Add enough lubricating oil to the spindle bearing and check it once a week.

3. Fill up the clean water first, then start the machine, run for 1 hour without abnormal conditions, and then put the material into operation, do not run the empty machine.

4. The bearings of the main shaft parts adopt tapered roller series bearings, so the clearance must be readjusted after 6 months of use.

5.Do not restart the vehicle with a heavy vehicle. If the vehicle is stopped in an accident, the sand in the tank must be discharged under the surface of the lower impeller, and then full water can be turned on to avoid burning the motor.

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